Barge Board update

A quick update on the "Barge Board Bonanza" that is Sweeney Restoration these days.

St. Ferdinand is progressing quickly through the rough-in phase. Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC contractors are all very near completion! Its a real challenge for those guys in a house like this. Most of the walls have no cavities to run lines and the crawl space is very very small. They have stepped up to the challenge and are doing a great job! Also, thanks to Ricca's for the re-claimed barge board.

Lapeyrouse is finishing with the framing phase. Its amazing the transformation this house has undergone! Typical of historic New Orleans homes, all the rooms were walled off and dark. Now, the house has been rebuilt in an open format design yet still retaining some of the "old house" charm.

More updates to come!

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